What We Do

Deliver Intelligence

We deliver field intelligence based on a new paradigm and the next generation of Mobile technologies

Product Launch Techonologies

We build solutions precisely to handle change, with unprecedented flexibility and speed, to adapt throughout your product launches or market changes

Stop-Gap Solutions

Behind schedule?
Need to go live ASAP?
Our solutions are designed for rapid deployment. We can take you live tomorrow!

Deliver Intelligence

  • Our aim is to help you learn your customers better than ever before!
  • We take a bottom-up approach to territory performance, because with personal promotion, demand is created one customer at a time!
  • Our tools will enable your staff to analyze their markets while at their desk, and deliver ready-to-use intelligence while on the road.
  • We help you connect the dots! Our communications engine delivers technology enabled collaboration in the field and at home
  • We curate the right data, derive the right message, choose the right timing, and send it to the right device!

"With personal promotion demand is
created one customer at the time"

Product Launch Technologies

  • Preparing for a product launch? Need a CRM tool for your office and field staff? Or a profiling tool to run surveys and gather intelligence about your customers? Mobile.Rep has a complete solution to help you!
  • Is your market changing? Change with it rapidly! Our solutions allow you to add new sources of information, gather intelligence, change your targeting, and generate new insights routinely.
  • Unbounded technology: Change it on the fly! Add a whole new view to it! Or completely re-engineer another! Our technology allows us to make most changes on the same day or next.
  • Uncompromising! Build it today and re-imagine it tomorrow. We encourage you to constantly change your solution to keep it current with your business. And almost always at no cost to you!

Stop-Gap Solutions

  • Our solution is a truly configurable system that allows you to go live immediately. No data models to worry about, just complete freedom to evolve!
  • Versatile & swift, it can accommodate new data for the same users, new field or home-office user types, with the same ease
  • Do you need a solution for a different user group? No worries!
    Our solutions are NOT based on predesigned templates. The same app will accommodate any role from the sales rep to CEO!
  • Is your current solution not working? Is your vendor not delivering? You can still make your deadline with us!

Our Technologies

True Mobile

  • We design and build our solutions for smart phones. Then we optimize them for tablets. Accessible anytime, our apps offer the greatest productivity boost!
  • We build solutions that work anywhere & everywhere, anytime & every time! True offline mode, unconstrained, non-selective and with no planning
  • Discreet and non-intrusive use of technology anyplace! No compromises; all the data, just a smaller device

True Native

  • 100% native iOS and Android apps with no wrappers, cells, or HTML, our solutions harness the raw computing power of the device for top performance
  • No constrained local data. Data limited only by the device's space
  • Effortless, familiar, instant, natural, unified & seamless use of technology in business as in personal life. Naturally ingrained into the user's personal life.

Simple and Intuitive

  • Simple technology based on the Apple paradigm; no manuals, no training, and no learning curves
  • Technology for fastest go-live implementation and system updates! Implement changes overnight without data model changes and page redesigns
  • Our philosophy: one company, one solution, a single app for ALL roles, connecting and unifying!

Our Products


Profiler is a versatile data platform for delivering business intelligence to users on-the-go. Profiler is used as:
  • A quick reference to facts, figures, KPIs, analysis and insights
  • A gateway to information critical to conducting business for any user when not behind-the-desk
  • A vehicle that allows you to conduct business on-the-go, at the lunch table, or at a client site
  • A better, fact-based way to conduct business that greatly improves productivity
For the sales rep Profiler:
  • Provides complete territory and account management
  • Puts the complete and enhanced customer profile in the rep's palm
  • Allows the rep to use information discreetly even during a client interaction
  • Is a trusted partner and available even in communication blackout areas
  • Together with the surveyor from the backbone of a CRM tool
  • Allows the rep to measure his performance through a suite of critical KPIs


  • Surveyor is a system for capturing information you cannot acquire through a third-party source
  • Provides the fastest and least expensive way to initiate a survey! Run field surveys as needed!
  • Design any survey, any time, and go live with it the next day
  • Launch an entirely new survey without rolling out another tool to the field again
  • Change the survey instantly, and any number of times, to account for omissions or adjustments based on your learnings
  • Designed for smart phone use, it improves data capture tremendously!


  • An advanced communication system for delivering critical alerts and events
  • A peer-to-peer communication tool that enables collaboration in the field and at the office
  • Uses a variety of communication tools working in harmony to deliver intelligence that matters, when it matters, and where it matters!
  • Connects and informs reps, managers, nurses, payer access, leadership and executive staff
  • A collaboration vehicle that enables planning, teamwork and decision making

Profiler Web

  • All of same feature of the classic Profiler on your desktop...
  • ...plus a whole new suite of functions to address home office needs
  • Intended for office staff as well as field staff behind the desk
  • Perfeclty in sync with th IOS and Android versions
  • Now you can choose your device depending on where you are


Profiler MA was designed to meet the specific needs of Medical Affairs Groups
  • A collaborative CRM tool for MSLs and internal Med Affairs office staff
  • Allows office and field staff to record their interactions on the same HCP record for a complete 360° view of the customer
  • An ideal solution for building comprehensive customer profiles no matter how in-depth and complex
  • Allows for multiple custom call pages to record a variety of interaction types, including those at the HCP's practice, congresses, conferences and other industry events
  • Provides functionality to organize, document, and report the group's meetings, symposiums, ad boards and other engagements
  • Track the company's engagement history with a specific professional. See your past collaborations with a professional with a click of a button
  • Includes an early-on MDM service for your organization


  • Designed to deliver time-sensitive data and critical KPIs
  • Built-in notification system with alerts from home-office, marketing campaigns, business hot lines, etc.
  • Simple, intuitive interface without drill-downs and complex menus
  • Suitable for the demanding business users that are not technology savvy
  • Low cost, easy to deploy, high impact solution
  • Identical iPhone and iPad interface
  • Automated data synchronization
  • Full off-line mode
  • We get pharma data!
    We have a qualitative understanding and a long history with it. We are the publishers of the book series 'Pharmaceutical Sales Data'.
  • But more importantly, we get the pharma business!
  • In the ‘technologist’ era, we focus only on what matters;
    Real intelligence! Not flashy dashboards and brute force analytics!
  • We are thought leaders and innovators, forward looking, and working with mindset-interrupting concepts
  • And while today's smart solutions are 50% about data and 50% about technology, we bring all 100%!
  • Our methods are the new paradigm, while our technologies are the seamless link between the personal and business worlds for an unprecedented level of productivity and efficiency